Black and Blue?

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

This recent editorial in Nylon Magazine suggests that black and blue denim are a new trend for Fall. Designers are taking traditional jean washes and combining them with plain black denim in creative ways.


Why pay up to $700 for designer jeans when you can create the look yourself at home? Simply take a pair of ripped black jeans and patch them up with our denim patches. They come in 3 different washes so you can mix up the look. Get creative, for a unique look that’s sure to be trendy this season.

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    • Great company, great product!  They responded immediately to a small glitch and promptly sent a replacement - terrific customer service!  The patch looks wonderful & has saved my favorite jeans.Gene
      Taos, NM

    • Johnny Patches stick amazingly well. We ironed them on our 6-year old son's jeans and they've survived his toughest punishment for months!Erin
      New York, NY

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