Breaking in Your Jeans

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Wear_In_JeansYou have just come home with a brand new pair of jeans. Proud of your purchase, you slip them on as soon as you can. You happily slide them on, zip them up and button them. As you stand in your exciting new purchase you realize one problem – the denim is so stiff that you can barely move.

Relax, this is normal. Most of the time you will have to break the jeans in before they become “wearable”. This can be a tedious and uncomfortable practice, but once you’ve done it you’ll be happy you did.

Here are some easy ideas on how to break in your denim.

1)      Wash your jeans – Throw them in the washer full of hot water. The heat will actually soften the jeans, making them easier to wear.

2)      Dry your jeans – After washing put the jeans in the dryer with a couple of pairs of sneakers. Sound strange? The sneakers will soften the jeans by “beating” them.  Be sure not to wash them all the way as this could ultimately shrink the jeans.

3)      Move in your jeans – Run, dance, bike, do squats – just move! It might feel uncomfortable at first, but you will successfully stretch out the denim, making them softer and more malleable. (Some even suggesting sleeping in your jeans, which may be a great option for sleepwalkers.)

4)      Roll your jeans – Fold the jeans in half at the crotch. Starting at the ankle, roll the denim as tight as you can. This will stretch the fabric, making it fit a little easier.

Now that you have worn in jeans, be sure to properly care for them by treating jeans, washing jeans and drying jeans appropriately.

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