5 Alternate Uses for a Denim Patch

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

digimarc.msHere at Johnny Patch we are all about reducing our carbon footprint. We are proud of our “green” product, made with recycled denim. Did you know that our patches actually have other uses than patching up your jeans?

Here are some uses you might not have thought of.

1) Dust rag – Denim is like a magnet for dust. Johnny Patch patches are conveniently palm sized, making them perfect for dusting. Use the patch to clean shelves, electronics, or my favorite, the ceiling fan. When your done, throw the patch in the wash.

2) Potholder. If you are in a pinch in the kitchen use the patches as a potholder. Denim is durable and should keep you safe from the heat.

3) Doll/Pet Pillow. At 4″x4″ Johnny Patch jean patches are the perfect size for a tiny little pillow. Simply iron 3 of the edges together, stuff with cotton balls or fabric stuffing, and iron the final side. This is an easy project you can also do with your kids!

4) Jar Opener. The patches will help you open stubborn jar tops with ease. Simply drape the fabric over the top and turn! The adhesive side of the patch will grip on to the jar making it easier to open.

5) Patch other things. Think outside the box – denim doesn’t have to just patch jeans. Use a patch on a leather jacket or even a cotton shirt with a hole.

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    • Great company, great product!  They responded immediately to a small glitch and promptly sent a replacement - terrific customer service!  The patch looks wonderful & has saved my favorite jeans.Gene
      Taos, NM

    • Johnny Patches stick amazingly well. We ironed them on our 6-year old son's jeans and they've survived his toughest punishment for months!Erin
      New York, NY

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