Denim Care Part 3 – Drying Denim Properly

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Hang_Dry_JeansLike most sensitive fabrics, denim can be destroyed by the heat of the clothes dryer.  Throwing your jeans in the dryer can cause shrinkage, fading and can also slowly destroy the fabric. The dryer will breakdown the denim causing holes, which is great for jean patch companies like us, but frustrating to denim owners.

However, if you have ever tried to completely air dry wet jeans you know it can be daunting. It takes forever, and the denim stiffens, making them difficult to put on.

So what is the happy medium? It is suggested that you put turn your blue jeans inside out and dry them on  a low heat setting for a small period of time. Take them out before they dry completely, and hang to dry.

Of course, if you are still worried about ruining your favorite denim, take your jeans to a professional cleaner to have laundered. Professional cleaning will keep them fresher for longer.

Happy laundering!

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