Levi’s Green Jeans

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

One of the reasons people buy our denim patches for their jeans is because they don’t like the harmful environmental effects of making new jeans. The average pair of jeans uses 11 gallons of water in the finishing process. By using a denim patch for your jeans, you not only save the jeans you love and lots of money, but you also save water.

Levi’s is bucking the trend and has developed a new process that uses on average 28% less water. We support their efforts and can’t wait to make denim patches from their jeans.

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    • Great company, great product!  They responded immediately to a small glitch and promptly sent a replacement - terrific customer service!  The patch looks wonderful & has saved my favorite jeans.Gene
      Taos, NM

    • Johnny Patches stick amazingly well. We ironed them on our 6-year old son's jeans and they've survived his toughest punishment for months!Erin
      New York, NY

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