Part 3 – Best Denim Brands You’ve Never Heard of – Naked & Famous

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Naked_Famous_JeansWe continue our series on the best denim brands you’ve never heard of with a brand who bases their business model on affordability and laughs at higher priced, celebrity driven denim companies - Naked & Famous.

The brand, started in February 2008 out of Canada, has the distinction of selling the world’s heaviest denim. Their 32oz “Weird Guy” style, a low rise tapered leg style for guys, has been labeled by Guinness as the world’s most weighty denim. Good? Yes, if you are looking for a high quality denim that is going to last.

The brand specializes in raw denim and uses only the best denim materials from Japan. Unlike other raw denim brands, NF has a “no gimmicks” philosophy – meaning they use un-washed, unembroidered denim to create their jeans. The main distinction of the jeans is the cartoonish logo printed on lamb leather on  the waist band.

The company also prides itself on unique denim blends. They have styles that use cashmere denim, silk denim, wool denim, linen denim, camel hair denim and even kevlar. Yes, that’s right. They have a denim that is partially made from the material that makes bulletproof vests well…bulletproof (though, please no shooting yourself in the leg).

Perhaps the best aspect of the brand is the price. The denim, made in both mens and womens styles, starts around $120, which is a steal in today’s vastly overpopulated raw denim market. No celebrity endorsement needed to make these jeans a hit.

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