What is Johnny Patch?

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

jplogoJohnny Patch is a simple concept.

At some point everyone needs a denim repair.  Our idea was to create an easy, inexpensive, yet green fix for any blue jean ailment, from a torn crotch to a ripped knee area.  That was how our iron-on jean patch was born.

Johnny Patch believes in a simple lifestyle including reusing materials, maximizing the life of goods, and repairing the things we love.  Our jean  patches are made only from recycled jeans.  We are proud to create a green product, reusing materials to reduce our carbon footprint.

On top of having an environmentally friendly product, we are dedicated to providing a quality product that will last. Before production our patches went through extensive testing and were proven to stay attached through over 100 washes.  For you this means no more tedious time spent sewing on patches.  No more sending away to have your jeans fixed.  No more stiff, iron-on fabric patches that fall off after just one wear.  Johnny Patch will attach easily and stay put.

You love your jeans.  Johnny Patch gets that.  Our goal is to make your well-loved jeans last longer.

We hope you enjoy our blog. We are dedicated to providing you relevant content regarding the goings on in the denim world.  Please feel free to browse around and leave comments where you see fit.

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  • Testimonials

    • Great company, great product!  They responded immediately to a small glitch and promptly sent a replacement - terrific customer service!  The patch looks wonderful & has saved my favorite jeans.Gene
      Taos, NM

    • Johnny Patches stick amazingly well. We ironed them on our 6-year old son's jeans and they've survived his toughest punishment for months!Erin
      New York, NY

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